Born in Rome, Italy, I earned my Bachelor of Art History at RomaTre University and later my Master in Contemporary Art at Sorbonne University in Paris.

After a very disappointing year at the Academy of Arts in Rome, I've became a self taught artist.

I then decided to broaden my artistic education with a graduation in Art Therapy, because I strongly believe in the power of creativity for individual and collective fulfillment.

My personal artistic research always pushes me to experiment a lot of different media, from oil painting to digital art.
After a long exploration and analysis of color and especially on pigments and their use in oil painting, I've created this website that provides infos, photos, examples and suggestions about this material.

​ I have a little crafts e-shop and I collaborate as a designer on websites like society6 and redbubble. ​

My goal is to keep filling my life with art, creating with joy and passion, and sharing with others what I find out throughout this wonderful process.

Thanks for taking a look around my online portfolio.